Pregnancy Week by Week

Pregnancy week by week, from conception to childbirth during the nine long months of gestation.

What happens to the mother and to the baby during the 40 weeks of pregnancy? First, at the expense of misunderstanding, it must be said that the duration of pregnancy is calculated from the last menstrual period, though in reality, than when it takes about 38, wait real conception based on those values is calculated the date of childbirth, but as is often the case, many pregnant women carry to term a few days before , or even several days later. But what happens during the 9 months?

From 1 to 4 weeks gestation

It is the period when the newly fertilized egg, begins to divide to form a cluster of cells, the blastocyst that are implanted into the uterus and begin to pregnancy. Although at this stage the belly is not seen, the body actually is already going through a long process of change that will last 40 weeks: starting with the massive production of hormones that serve to thicken the uterus. Also at this stage you might start to feel the first symptoms of pregnancy. Also see this link for maternity yoga pants.

From 5° wing 10 weeks gestation

Around the fifth week of pregnancy the cell pellet from which the child is born, it starts to take on the appearance of an embryo great about the size of a bean. It is the period when beginning to emerge on the child’s face, then between the sixth and seventh week will begin to take shape muscle, bone, brains, fingers, eyes, hands and feet. For women it is also the time when they begin to experience the first mood swings, that between 9th and the 10-month period in which the embryo becomes a full-fledged fetus, become frequent.

From the 11st to the 17th week

It is the period when now you are about to enter the second trimester and where the first pregnancy symptoms begin to disappear, as nausea for example. At this stage your baby are popping eyebrows and hair, and is also able to swallow and to perceive external noises of the mother, but the hearing is not yet fully developed. It is also the time when, if you get going, you can do the amniocentesi (no later than the 18th week). Around 14 weeks, Additionally, you can find the sex of the baby.

From 18 to 25 weeks of gestation

In recent weeks, the child starts to feel better, to move more frequently, to react to factors perceived externally with lime, urinating and sleep for 20 hours at a time, so don’t be alarmed if you hear her movements. Continued development of all internal organs, to 24 weeks baby’s traits are already well developed except for eyes, holding still closed, but it is at 25 weeks the child discovers the function of weeping.

From 26° to 33° week

Begins to develop the sense of touch and begins to take their first autonomous respiratory movements, and begins to throttle body, but for moms is the stage where legs, ankles and feet are starting to swell. During this period, especially since the 32nd week about you start feeling the baby’s hiccups, which contrary to what it may seem, is synonymous with good health.

From 34 to 40 weeks of gestation

The last stage of pregnancy is one in which the child completes completely his education and maintain vital functions but for moms is when your belly gets very cumbersome, feet swell, situation worsens by far during the summer, the body weight is felt and begin reeds anxieties for movements that in normal situations are almost trivial. At this point you are preparing for childbirth and it’s time to prepare the case for the hospital.