Pregnancy Symptoms: the Taste Alteration

Pregnancy symptoms, the alteration of taste is one of them. Tastes and odors are perceived differently in the nine months of pregnancy.

Breakfast with cappuccino and croissants, coffee break, a great steak for dinner? Sure, but not if you’re pregnant! Many women, during pregnancy, complaining about an altered taste and a strong odor perception, almost to the point of not being able to stand the sight of foods previously worshiped because of nausea, which occurs almost immediately. These changes bring many problems to the expectant mother, have an impact both on the health (try nausea is certainly not pleasant) that lifestyle. The coffee (both smell the taste), meat and fish become sworn enemies of many pregnant women, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy. Click this article for yoga benefits during pregnancy. We already know that nutrition in pregnancy should be treated with caution and these alterations further complicate the choice of the right foods to hire.

But what is it that causes the abnormal sense of taste? The head is progesterone, the hormone that should help the woman to prepare the body for pregnancy. Many women during pregnancy tend to prefer acidic foods, and also that “the culprit” is progesterone. The main problem that the taste alteration during pregnancy can cause your mom is sort of appetite that will propel the woman to eat less, risking not to take the right amount of food, pregnancy is absolutely necessary. Nausea, vomiting, heartburn and poor appetite, in fact, haunt many expectant mothers and unfortunately there is little to do but remove all foods that trigger these reactions.

A good remedy would be to consume meat and fish so different than usual: the change of cooking may help mom to not warn sharply altering the taste. This solution would have more success if you cook margins were someone else and not the mother-to-be: I don’t see the foods from the start and, above all, not having to “sniff” raw, would be a big plus.