Pregnancy Symptoms, the First Week

What are the symptoms of the first week of pregnancy? Here’s a quick guide to recognize them.

Pregnancy is often announced by some specific symptoms that appear during the first week of pregnancy.

For the first week means obviously what begins the first day of delay rather than actual conception. It is only from the time of the menstrual cycle delay that you can talk about symptoms, as those that you feel from the moment of fertilization are not easily decipherable except in certain specific cases.

The first symptom of pregnancy is therefore the absence of menstruation or pregnancy. This symptom affects the vast majority of pregnancies and is still the most significant symptom in the first week of pregnancy with best maternity footwear and in following. Having said that, we have to say that not always the appearance of menstruation means, conversely, that there is an ongoing pregnancy. But how can I tell if the one that occurs in this case is a real menstruation or a fake?

Your period you may have until the third month of pregnancy are very different from the normal ones: less abundant and, above all, accompanied by other symptoms of pregnancy in the first week.

They are:

The nausea and vomiting: quite frequently, even this symptom she may also present as a sort of “disruption” stomach level. There are women who have nausea from the outset and that they can’t even eat the foods we usually love it. In this State are often joined the episode of vomiting and a certain lassitude.

Some women denounce also the so called “pricking” between ovarian and uterus area. It is a tingling sensation that seems to be associated with the process of implantation of the embryo in the uterus. This symptom is quite rare, but women pay more attention to the phenomena of pregnant notice this symptom because it is unlike any other premenstrual symptoms.

As for nausea and vomiting, sensitivity to smells is very subjective and varies from woman to woman. Besides the nausea, in fact, during the first period of pregnancy the odors may seem distorted and stronger, giving almost disgust. Particular annoyance can give the fragrances, the smell of smoke, pets or which may become due to nausea.

The fatigue is quite common as a symptom of the first week of pregnancy. During this period, in fact, a strong desire to sleep may occur suddenly or distraction from normal daily activities. The same thing goes for the back pain, which is often associated with both PMS that pregnancy.Obviously it can be considered a symptom is only valid in the presence of the other symptoms described above.

Finally, to have more certainty about your feelings and possible pregnancy symptoms, you can always choose to do an early pregnancy test, which is the fastest measure offered by the market to find out the State of pregnancy.