Pregnancy, Here Are 5 Things Not to Say to a Woman Who Is Expecting a Baby

When you read these 5 things not to say to a mother who is expecting a baby during her pregnancy, almost certainly will be ashamed a lot of yourself. Why? Because surely some of these “slips” have already been made and probably without realizing it, you will have annoyed some friend or relative who was expecting a baby. Not to mention that, of course, all this might have been said to you when you were pregnant!

A pregnant woman is known to be generally more susceptible than usual because of its increased weight, shape, hormones etc etc But what value would it be to know that, if we act with all the subtlety of a bull in a China shop against a woman who is expecting a baby?

Here then is what and what is good to avoid speeches with an expectant mother.

  1. First of all don’t lie and clichés like, “you’re more beautiful than ever,” or make comments on his belly.A pregnant woman knows how and how much it changed its appearance during the months of pregnancy, and even the most serene of the world suffers from this transformation … especially if it is noted.
  2. Don’t say, “it’s all the fault of hormones”.This formula, in fact, differently from what you believe, it is not at all reassuring, as it instills in the pregnant woman’s doubt seem so mad and thoughtless to do things that are beyond its control and that of others.
  3. Don’t repeat that phrase “sleep now you can. ..”.Very often, in fact, a woman suffering from insomnia and, knowing that from then on, sleep less and less, it won’t help you to relax and live well this phase of life.
  4. Don’t ask questions aboutsex during pregnancy. Each couple undergoes a transformation of its sexual Dynamics when the woman is pregnant. Be put under pressure in this respect creates a performance anxiety entirely misplaced.
  5. Don’t talk to the mother to give birth.Only a very small minority of mothers cannot tolerate specific details of birth and feels attracted to these speeches. In most cases, however, recount their experiences and, above all, talk about the risks of childbirth-related pain is really stressful for those who soon will be in first-person Labor Hall.