Plus Size Sweater Dresses Trendy

In this fall winter 2015 2016, the large sweater is back as temperatures rafraichissent. We present you our top 10 jumpers to adopt to be warm but always well dressed all winter.

1-The Classic Sweater

We start our top 10 with this great classic that is the large size black sweater. Impossible to miss in fact, it is our darling any age that one has. It never disappoints us and s’ agrees with everything and just for that he deserved the top spot in our ranking!

2-The Mesh Sweater

Heavy coat and scarf, home office and overheated, sometimes choking when wearing a sweater. In this fall winter 2015 2016, it is no longer and have adopted the sweater fine mesh that keeps you warm without smothering us so far. Sleeves rolled up, fine jewelry, fell fluid, it gives us more furiously!

3-The Colored Sweater

Time makes a wry face, but not our spirit with this supercharged sweater that enlivens our tristounettes held in the fall. Moreover we love the oversize cut that adds more to the cozy side of winter sweaters. To avoid the side “potato sack” is preferably the door with slim jeans or skinny jeans that will offset the volume effect of the sweater.

Plus Size Sweater

4-The White Sweater

After the black sweater, it tries to another great classic that is the white sweater. But here we agree some fantasy with this design lace heart. Wear with a little skirt, black tights andboots tawny color that will go well with our cute top.

5-The Poncho Sweater

The poncho is fashionable in this autumn winter season and then adopts eyes closed this hybrid mid pull-pull half poncho, very elegant, but mostly incredibly comfortable . We love this indeed loose fit that does not make our beads belly!

6-The Printed Sweater

Another big trend this autumn winter 2015 2016 season: metallic colors . Then try it in small steps with this large silver printed jacquard knitwear that radiates both style and in price!

7-The Pea Sweater

Another trend but not printed fabric: the peas. No wonder then still find it this season on our beautiful sweaters large. The polka dot print is perfect addition to create a retro look that suits particularly well for women with curves. Wear it in combination with a long slinky skirt, for example.

8-The Long Sweater

In winter, we love to offer a cocooning sweater to wear in very cold weather or for a relaxing afternoon on Sunday for example. It then tries this season sweater tunic shaped extra long. And to avoid the neglected side, it is chosen in heather gray, chic and refined color of choice!

9-The Neckline Sweater

The jumpers do not usually have the reputation of being glamorous particularly large. Yet some cuts like this neckline cut still very sexy. Beware chills all the same…

10-The Black Sweater

We end our selection as we have begun, with this great classic that is the large black sweater. But here, our model finds its originality in this detail back macrame which then allows us to play the card security without falling into banality. A must have!