Plants for Gardens Ideas

When planting perennials in the garden or the selection of annual and biennial plants on the balcony or terrace, it is important to take into account the need for light garden plants. This article provides a breakdown of garden plants for annuals and biennials, perennials, bulbs and tubers, shrubs, trees and conifers in alphabetical order. Plants for the garden border, linens, balcony and terrace suitable for a spot in full sun.

Plants for Gardens Ideas

Plants 1 and 2 years – Perennials – Trees Shrubs Conifers – For full sun

Garden plants for sunny locations. The following tables plants you can find plants and trees that are listed by their Latin names, each with the Dutch name attached.

Deck garden plants bedding plants Border Plants full sun – annuals and perennials

Bedding and garden plants-Border for full sun – bulbs and tubers

Fixed garden plants full sun – Border Bedding plants – trees and shrubs Conifers

More Garden Plants Trees Shrubs

  • Plant names Latin – A Dutch
  • Beautiful hedge – Garden Hague Tips – see
  • Facade and wall climbing – Spring Bloomers
  • Border Plants Colour / Height – Orange Red & Pink Plants
  • Border Plants Colour / Height – Cream White & Yellow Plants