Pimples in Pregnancy: Natural Remedies Against Unsightly

It is a very common problem even among those who have never had skin problems, but in most cases it is a temporary inconvenience. Let’s see how to treat pimples during pregnancy.

The pregnancy is a woman, and also the skin becomes smoother and brighter, here’s what the girls when they say phrases like “you look radiant.” But there are also cases where during pregnancy come annoying imperfections and dermatological problems mentioned earlier had never suffered.

Pimples in pregnancy, are a classic, but not all and not even for those who have never had problems with pimples. On the contrary there are cases in which pregnancy benefits precisely to those who usually suffer from those pesky blemishes … you know it’s all a matter of “luck”. See homosociety for pregnancy sportswear.

Usually it is a problem that affects almost exclusively persons who during adolescence have suffered from acne, but as said, there can also be cases where those who have never suffered may suffer the discomfort of pimples just during pregnancy.

What to do if you have pimples during pregnancy

  • Better avoid treatments with medicines or cortisone based creams, unless your doctor to prescribe specific products.The most effective natural remedy is primarily concerned with hygiene, clean skin, avoiding the use of harsh soaps, may assuage inflammation status of pimples.
  • Thenatural remedies are often effective, and during pregnancy then we don’t really have many more choices, but the DIY inexperienced hands could make it worse. There are some basic and natural remedies grandmother so can give you a feeling of relief, and without spending a euro.
  • At night before going to bed acompress of Chamomile tea can be helpful in cleaning up the face and soothe inflammation of the skin, and it wouldn’t hurt to repeat the Compress even in the morning.
  • During this time,minimize make-up: even the best foundation clog pores and helps to alter skin health. If you can not help it, even in the drugstore you can test all-natural products, which are also found in large perfumeries.
  • Nopeeling or other procedures that tend to irritate your skin, but you might experience a delicate recipe 3 tablespoons water, one tablespoon of olive oil and a teaspoon of baking soda.
  • Alternatively it might give you some relief, and is especially recommended forblackheads, a simple mask with honey spread on face and remove after 15 minutes. Just gently heat a couple of tablespoons of honey and apply the “mush” on her face.
  • To disinfect the pimples you can use lemon juice, to stanch the saw with a cotton ball and rinse after a few minutes.But don’t do it more than once a week.
  • In the case that your face will present particularly incensed, better consult a dermatologist. Don’t forget also thatfatty foods or particularly dieting can jeopardize the health of our skin.