Pillow Filling

The choice of sleeping mat is a crucial factor for the quality of your sleep. The better you are embedded, the greater your chances to get up in the morning rested and recovered. A leisurely sleep presupposes that slats, mattress and pillow are perfectly matched.

This pillow consulting you will learn which different types of trading holds and what the benefits of an ergonomically coherent pad lie. In addition, the advice is designed to answer common questions and help you understand the most important criteria for buying and pillows.

The Function of a Pillow

The right pillow provides spine support and prevents the head bends. When the pad is unable to fulfill this task, threatening an over expansion of the entire musculature in the neck area.The over stretching can lead to tension. In the worst case, a nerve pinches, which can lead to a painful and protracted inflammation. The pain radiates up into the head. If you had to deal with such problems in the past, it is high time to replace the pillow.

The Right Pillow Filling

The right pillow fillings have a decisive impact on whether you will experience a restful sleep.The filler material has a direct effect on the comfort. Some fillings are fixed, others give contrast to cuddle itself to your body shape. In addition, you sweat at night. Sometimes you runs some saliva from the mouth. The cushion filling should carry away this moisture as quickly as possible, so you can sleep on a dry reference.

Down as Filling Material

Probably the majority of pillows in German bedrooms are filled with down. Down feathers are one hand easily, on the other hand incredibly soft. The number of springs is not decisive for the softer sun feeling. The down in the pillow must be as relaxed as possible. Once the springs clump, harden the pad.

Therefore, down pillows also require special cleaning. Here are a few details about pillow cases: You can wash in your washing machine the pillow but should not be considered some care instructions. Use a fine-washing program to a maximum of 60 ° C and press the button for intensive irrigation.Turn on the highest spin speed. Thus, the washer pressed more moisture from the bonded springs. The trade provides special detergent for down. In the usual washing powder with bleach and fabric softener, you should refrain.

Then shake the pillows on something before you give it in the dryer. There let it dry with the highest level. Ideally, you give a few dry balls to. These balls cost only a few euros. Alternatively, do a few ordinary tennis balls. The dry balls loosen the spring on permanently, so that it can not come to clump of feathers. If you are in your household no dryer available, you must make the same task manually. then shake the pillow every half hour briefly.

However, down feathers have a disadvantage. Although the fine hairs of the quill can excellently retain heat. But just as good is the moisture to the feathers stick. This problem is exacerbated when you clean the down pillows. Through the application of detergents lose the down feathers increasingly its natural fat content, which repels moisture. If you sweat heavily during sleep, a is for you down pillows unsuitable . Even if you do not have this problem, you should have a cushion with down filling shake every morning and well-aired long.