Peeling Nails:Causes and Treatments

U ma more complaints common among women is the peeling nails . All nice and usually persistent, this issue may have the most varied origins.

Causes – peeling nails:

  • Lack of (c) cio albums:thes nails depend on the(c)álcio to grow and remain strong with healthy. If you do not consume many foods that have calcium, especially dairy products, can have in the absence of that substance the source of the problem. Some beverages such as coffee and teas, mate, if consumed in excess can prevent the absorption of calcium.
  • Lack of vitamins: thes vitamins A, B and D are extremely important for the healthy growth of the nails, when they lack the flaking can happen.
  • Lack of h idratação: plisten to liquid intake can leave your nails dry and consequently facilitates flaking. Who tends to be more dry skin must also pass moisturizer with certain frequency on the nails.
  • Nail biting u campaigns: qWhen you bite the nail, besides losing pieces of her, keep the rest in direct contact with the saliva which helps in drying.
  • Practices and careless stéticas:(f) do your nails is good, but needs to be done carefully. Nail, nail polish of poor quality, lack of rest time for the nail between a glaze and other than the use of acetone can contribute significantly to the flaking.
  • (C) ontato cleaning products:thes cleaning products have very strong chemicals, so whenever you need to make use of some product remember to protect yourself with gloves.
  • Stress and lack of sleep : andthese two factors hinder all areas of health, and of course the nails are included.
  • Diseases:influence on hormones such as thyroid disease, for example, can affect the health of your nails. Refer to a physician.

Tips to avoid flaking the fingernails:

  • Use glazes.
  • If necessary, buy glazes for help in problem as strengtheners, for example.
  • Apply strengthening three times a week.
  • Sand layers of nail that are peeling with white sandpaper, try and make light movements.

It is important to remember that the flaking the fingernails can be solved much more easily by a professional. Look for your manicure and play tips of the best polishes from If not solve go to dermatologist, he certainly know prescribe a treatment for your type of problem.