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OnePlus Screws down for Destruction

It is now no longer a requirement to destroy his old phone in order to get one of the first 100 phones from OnePlus.

Good enough it says still ‘Smash the Past’ from OnePlus, if you want one of the first One-models, but it is not as literally anymore. Now you can also choose to donate it to charity.

There has been a lot of chatter in the hooks on the sense in letting 100 fully working smartphones for the destruction, but so have OnePlus realized that it would be smart to at least offer the possibility of a more sustainable solution.

It has otherwise been no lack of proposals on creative ways to dispose of its old top model on destructive manner. 

OnePlus mentions some of the received proposals, among other things, counter to play tennis with the phone, a combination of nitrogen and a hammer, send it aloft with a model of a rocket and, not least, the ninja throwing stars.

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