OnePlus One: See the Boot Speed Compared with Nexus 5

Some short videos that show the OnePlus One in action, among other things, with twice as fast startup as Nexus 5.

OnePlus has just launched their much anticipated phone One, a phone that needs to combine high-end hardware with quite an advantageous price making it a worthy opponent in the face of, among other things, Nexus 5 If you want a phone without bloatware installed from the manufacturer’s page …

OnePlus One comes with a special CyanogenMod 11S version based on Android 4.4 KitKat, Geek has already created a video where they compare how quickly the two phones are booting.

As it will be seen by the video is OnePlus One impressive fast, although a reboot is still takes a while. OnePlus One hardware is also something newer and faster, with a Snapdragon 801 processor and more memory to boast of in relation to Nexus 5.

There also appears a video of how the navigation keys in the bottom can be disabled in favor of on-screen keys if you want it, and how you can control which application that is activated when the always-on voice command is executed.