OnePlus One Comes to 16 Countries

They put bread crumbs out to keep the interest, and the last one tells that OnePlus’ One comes to 16 countries.

Chinese OnePlus is exceptionally good at keeping people’s interest with their small bread crumbs of information in best Hansel and Gretel-style. The last point to the fact that their first phone, One, will be launched in 16 countries. We know just only two so far.

The launch date has already been published and will be on 23 April, but in Austria and Germany so they can look forward to getting their hands on the phone on that date. There is room for 14 other countries on the image, and with 12 days to launch, go there enough not long before more will be put on.

OnePlus One looks like a really exciting phone, and the start-up company has unveiled some of the phone’s specifications, which, among other things, counts the last new Snapdragon processor, 13MP camera with 4 k video recording and a price of less than 350 euro.

[Update] On Twitter have OnePlus also put Belgium and Netherlands at, and thus we know four of the 16 countries.

[UPDATE] The full list is
Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Portugal, Spain, Taiwan, United Kingdom and United States.