Novels of the Globe Help Sales of Mining Brand Lingerie

When opened the Seduction Lingerie, for 22 years, the entrepreneur Would never imagined that Hosam parts which produces and sells in the store in Belo Horizonte would win the TV screens. Since fell into the graces of the costume designers of Rede Globo, she saw the establishment of Cape Verde Street, in Sion, increase dramatically.


Novels of the Globe Help Sales of Mining Brand Lingerie

That makes eight novels in the curriculum, with outfits dresses by actresses like Adriana Esteves, Alessandra Negrini, Giulia Gam, Débora Falabella, Flávia Alessandra and Mariana Ximenes. The latest production, rules of the game, in the air on time of 21 hours, showed four pieces, for a total of 30 that have already been shown by the issuer. “The customers love it. It’s amazing the interest that disclosure raises “celebrates.

Degree in Pharmacy and biochemistry, Terezinha began the business by accident. To be closer to the three small children, quit his job and was doing a course in making lingerie. At first, she worked in her own residence. After opened a shop on the Anchieta neighborhood, but the space was too small to satisfy the clientele. That’s when she bought the House of 270 square meters where today works the Seduction. 10 employees are hired.

The Manager doesn’t complain. He says he noticed a change in consumer behavior, impulse buying. But sales are still booming. Last year, the growth was at 25%. To 2015, she hopes to repeat the result.

“It’s no use talking about recession. We did a small reform in the store, tried to reduce costs with a better evaluation of raw materials, we bet on creativity and enhance the promotions, “he says.


The House specializes in parts and unique templates, which can be custom-made. “There are customers who wear a size bra and panties of another and always have trouble finding the perfect lingerie at So, in addition to changing the size of the sets, we manufacture custom parts, making the clothes fall like a glove on the body, “he says.

The prices range from R $14.90, case panties, up to R $1,000, a robe of differentiated tissue and French lace. Already the shirts cost between R $79.90 and R $700.
For inspiration, Terezinha and her daughter Amanda, right-hand man of the shop, go every year to the international exhibition of Paris fashion. “The best in the world is there, since pieces ready to trims,” he says.

Often, the Seduction receives brides and performs lingerie teas. “It’s a party. The customers are buying for gift giving and for them too, “he says.

The shop is divided into three sections: one for brides who are looking for sexy lingerie and chic, another aimed at customers looking for pieces of special sizes that are delicate and stylish and a third, is dedicated to the ladies and pregnant women.