Nokia: Infinite Battery Life with an Outfit of Solar Cells

A crazy video from Nokia’s Department for sustainability demonstrates how the charger may be redundant with a set of solar cells.

Nokia’s Department for sustainability is a source of some fun and quirky videos, last we saw how your phone can be charged by to dance if you have time and enough energy, and the same team has also created a video that puts the focus on to Recycle the same old cell phones.

Now they are back with a somewhat crazy video that demonstrates how a charger is no-one should just walk around with an outfit created by solar cells. It’s not exactly practical, but nevertheless stresses the video that there is, after all, made some progress in the technology for harvesting solar energy to your phone.

The video is part of a larger campaign that must focus on Its sustainable initiatives and policies. Used Nokia DC-40 solar panel that has been part of a pilot program the last 18 months.

Panel weighs 93 grams and can according to Nokia, a opladetid on a minute give 2 minutes (on a feature phone). Under ideal conditions, says Nokia to the plate will be able to charge a 1,000 mAh battery in 4 hours.