Nike Running Shoes Unisex

The company Nike is considered the market leader in athletic shoes, apparel and accessories. Each year, Nike shoes are on top of trends: they are selected not only for sports but for everyday life, combined with a fairly wide variety of clothes – from jackets to dresses, bombero. Why Nike sneakers are so popular and loved by fashion and athletes of all ages?

Nike Running Shoes Unisex

The Secret to the Popularity of Nike Sneakers

Nike brand was founded amateur athlete Phil Knight in 1964. He then spent almost impossible to buy good running shoes Adidas products are very expensive. Knight decided to start buying sneakers in Japan and sold in the United States at lower prices. His first Asian partner Onitsuka, produced men and women sneakers sketches Knight and his team.
Businessman communicate with athletes, professionals and amateurs invited to the installation of their products, and thus took a solid niche market is not yet officially open the company. In 1965 his company, which is called Blue Ribbon Sports, get a new name – Nike, in honor of Athena, the Greek goddess of victory.
Nike introduced the first model with a corrugated shoe sole that provides maximum traction and ensure safety feet. AIR Max sneakers amortization on patented single ideal not only for sports, but has long been a cult item of clothing worn in conjunction with things casual style.

Benefits Nike Sneakers

Since its founding Nike constant supply of innovative ideas in design and ergonomics sneakers. In the production of the most popular models used mainly skin, but plastic factories NIKE – only the highest quality. In the summer, racing should choose a model with elements of textile network that perfectly breathable and allows feet to breathe.
Tracks model Nike Roche Run and Free Run are low traumatic as their sole made from an innovative and lightest soft plastic Phylite. These versatile shoes suitable for street and stadium, and tennis courts. Bright colors can be called model that is suitable for both sexes – after summer jogging looks brighter the better!