New Megaupload Site is in the Air, But the Service Only Comes in January

Kim Dotcom, founder of the late Megaupload, aired the successor to its storage service online files. The site is simply called Mega and will be accessed by short domain Currently, the page displays information about how the service will work and how you can become an investor, among other institutional information.

To prevent the Mega has the same tragic fate of Megaupload, all the files you send will be encrypted with a key that only you have. Neither Mega own will know exactly what you are saving on your account, so the service can not be held responsible for storing illegal files.

Various Mega servers are scattered around the world and close to the users, which results in higher speeds download and also hinders the action of the police, who will need a joint operation involving several countries to bring down the service.

The official launch of Mega is scheduled for January 20, 2013, exactly one day after the premiere of Megabox, another service created by himself Kim Dotcom. The Megabox promises to be a free and legalized service that pays musical artists through the revenue from ads.

To learn more details about what’s to come in January and receive an email when the Mega start work, go to the temporary service site. They are accepting partnerships with hosting providers and report to the specifications of the servers of the new Megaupload: at least 20 TB of space with a good RAID controller, at least 4 GB of RAM, operating system Linux and 1 Gbps or 2 Gbps link upload.