New iPhone Cover Reuses Wasted Power to Recharge Smartphone

You may not know it, but your smartphone spends most of its battery life looking for a cell phone signal. Try leaving it in airplane mode to see how long you’ll be able to let it out of the way. Much of the energy stored in the component is wasted and dissipates through the air, a not very efficient process.Now, imagine if you could reuse this electricity and insert it back into your smartphone.

New iPhone Cover Reuses Wasted Power to Recharge Smartphone

This is exactly the proposal of Nikola Labs, an American startup who has just introduced the technology in Startup Alley, an event that takes place during the Disrupt NY 2015 conference promoted by TechCrunch. The final product comes in the form of an iPhone 6 cover that collects this emitted energy and recharges the device passively according to WHEREVERSMARTPHONE.

Obviously it will not be possible to fully recharge the battery, but its life can be extended by up to 30%, a significantly high value and that would help keep the iPhone away from the socket for longer, since its battery is not that stuff. The company plans to put the product on the market within 1 year and within a month will create a campaign on the Kickstarter for the pre-sale of the accessory for $ 99, a very reasonable price.

If it works, the technology can have a very promising future, since it can be adapted to any type of device, including built-in sensors, wearable devices, medical devices, Things Internet devices and virtually any other electronic device that does not require Lots of electrical energy to run.

The name of the company honors Nikola Tesla, father of the model of transmission of energy by alternating current and, coincidentally or not, the launching of the product was made in the same building in which Tesla lived and died.