Motorola Moto 360 Vs LG G Watch R

LG announced earlier the LG G Watch R, a watch with a classic design, namely, round, which also uses the Android operating system Wear. The characteristics are very similar to the still unofficial Bike 360. With that in mind, I decided to put the official G data Watch R side by side with what we know about the long-awaited wearable device from Motorola. Which one will be the most efficient?

Motorola Moto 360 Vs LG G Watch R

Design and construction

Finally we see the manufacturers taking into consideration not only the functions of a smartwatch clock, but also the design and construction of the same. The 360 was the first to embrace the idea of bringing a round Panel. Supported the idea that a smart watch must be elegant, the team of designers of the Motorola giddy with the Bike 360. As a result, LG decided to follow the same path. After presenting the LG G Watch, during the Google i/o 2014, a device that looks more like a prototype than a final product, the South Korean manufacturer redeems himself with this variant your Android smartwatch clock round Wear.

The new gadget from LG bracelet is made of leather, has 22 mm and can be changed at any time. In addition, the G R Watch is made of stainless steel and received the IP 67 certification, therefore water resistant (up to 30 minutes to a metre deep).

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According to what we saw during the i/o and, of course, taking into account the leaks about the Bike 360 on the network, the gadget will also have an exchangeable bracelet, leather and metal. According to the review of the device made by Mr. Gadget, 360 Bike is lightweight and the dimensions of the device correspond to what we are used to seeing in classic watches. The wearable device from Motorola will also be waterproof.

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In summary, we can say that both smartwatches have a very similar design at first glance. The two are quite elegant and don’t have competitors. With respect to the interface of the watches, we have many differences, since the appearance is directly linked to the characteristics of the software, even without counting a skin of manufacturers, can still be a watershed among them.


The smartwatches use different technologies. While the Bike 360 offers a 1.5-inch LCD and a resolution of 320×290 pixels, G Watch R has a P-OLED display and has a resolution of 320 x 320 pixels. Unfortunately, I can’t get into this question because I don’t have any of the devices in hand. However, taking into consideration that the wearable device from LG has a smaller screen and a higher resolution, the image quality tends to be better.


Both the LG as the Motorola were partners of Google and decided to use the Android Wear over the proprietary software. Thus, with respect to the two devices have many similarities. We know that both watches feature entry for content through voice and text, since many developers are working on keyboards for Android support Wear.

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With respect to the software, you need to know is that the interface is very reminiscent of what we have today with Google’s cards Now, what couldn’t be different, since the voice of Google is the soul of the platform. So, the OS revolves around the shared user data from the Google account, uses the location via mobile device and sends notifications from services like Gmail, WhatsApp, Play Store, weather forecasting and other applications such as Keep or Duolingo, for example. Most of the time, I can say that the information appears when you need to, especially because we are talking here of reminders that facilitate everyday life.

If we will have some exclusive services, we will know only when the two are here in the Newsroom, but it seems we will not have many differences in this regard, since the number of sensors is almost the same and the two companies also invest in using the gadget for the practice of physical exercises.

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Technical specifications


As this comparison is based solely on technical specifications and pictures of the art appliances, can’t take major conclusions regarding the same. However, both manufacturers seem to have put high in the project and, judging by the pictures, they succeeded. With the G Watch R LG has proved he can make an excellent watch smart and, although we do not have official data, we know that the 360 Motorcycle battery offers excellent durability and innovative features such as the ability of wireless charging. Both smartwatches have a heart rate monitor and an interchangeable bracelet, but only have a real impression about them after the IFA 2014.

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Both the LG as the Motorola scheduled its events to launch new devices on the same day, i.e. on September 4. As the IFA happens in the House of AndroidPIT, stay tuned here on the site and check out all the coverage of this that is one of the largest technology fairs in the world.

And there, if you had to choose just a smartwatch clock, with which you would be:Bike 360 or LG G Watch R? Let us know what you think in the comments below.