Mom’s in the Hospital Trousseau

When it’s time to leave, it is important for the mother to have a set of items prepared, both for you and the baby.

Mom's in the Hospital Trousseau

In this article we will present what should be in the mom’s outfit to take to the hospital.

As you never know with absolute certainty when the date of birth, it is important to have everything prepared and ready to be taken to the hospital from 7 months.

From this date it is possible the baby is born, and as such, should have the baby and mom’s layette set.

Prepare your mom in the hospital trousseau

The hope chest of mother to take to the hospital is a set of pieces of clothing, toiletries, and other necessary for the stay of a few days. Then we list all items to be included in the trousseau of Mama in the hospital.

-a robe;

-a strap post partum;

-two breastfeeding Bras (should just buy this item in the eighth month of pregnancy, so that your size is best suited as possible to their breasts);

– two sweaters suitable for breastfeeding (large size, and with an opening in the sinus area, to allow the baby mame);

-three pairs of socks;

-three seamed panties higher, so as to give greater comfort after delivery;

– wider clothes for the day out of motherhood;

-slippers for use in the room;

-slippers for the shower;

-products for your personal hygiene (shampoo, shower gel, towels, creams, cotton swabs, mirror, towels, etc.);

-records of breastfeeding;

-protective cream to apply the nipples;

– sanitary towels (very absorbent because it will still lose a lot of blood after childbirth).

Start preparing your hope chest of mother from the hospital, so you can get everything ready prepared in time.