Mobile Phone Comparison: Best Smartphone

The best cell phones

Samsung has sent out with the Galaxy grade 8 his new top Smartphone. A mega-phone mobile leaderboard secures first place in the CHIP. But even the new Apple phones, the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 plus, put to the test. This HTC with the U11 reports back successfully and Nokia celebrates a strong comeback. Our extensive mobile comparison shows you the currently best smartphones and the Tracker field at a glance.

Smartphones in CHIP-Test

The best Smartphones von Apple, Huawei, HTC, LG, Samsung, Sony and co. in their sights – but only with class services in the extensive CHIP mobile test manages a mobile phone in the top field, our Smartphone leaderboard -like the new Samsung galaxies and a few weeks ago too HTC U11. Also makes the former top brand Nokia after years of back pressure and celebrates with his new Android model Nokia 8 a powerful comeback in our Hit list. You see the 20 best mobile phones in the test in the Photo Gallery.Was cheaper and easier knitted Alternatives be good, and also not before we hold you.

That CHIP mobile test procedures is adapted to the present wishes of the user. So, we attach great importance on the battery endurance in the online mode, as well as on the performance of the Smartphone. Also, for example, the quick charge function and flottere online connections via the LTE-Cat6 – or even the new LTE Cat9 network in the facilities have more weight. The quality of the display and the mobile phone camera photos are also in the focus of the test.

Mobile test compact:the current top 10 smartphones at a glance

Which smartphones are currently in the top 10 CHIP mobile leaderboard? That tells you the following table to learn what makes the Samsung Galaxy note 8 to the leader of our mobile leaderboard, also in the connection.

Samsung Galaxy touch 8:the new number one

It is currently on the way in which Shops, our test course Samsung has already passed through new mega-Smartphone – and mastered it with flying colors. Although the distance to the former number one, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is plus, only minimally. But our tips box new leaderboard It’s too closely. The elegant touch of 8 is a monster of facilities and sets a new record in our ranking in this rating category.

The digicam comes with dual zoom as a dual-cam. The recordings are fine. The novelty in the waterproof housing, also the magnificent and almost rimless 6.3-inch dual-edge display convinces in terms of performance. The screen can be operated as with the predecessors pen. The numerous and new features of the S-pen fell again. The battery test time is less than ten hours in online mode behind the Galaxy S8 plus, yet with one of the best results in the test field. Impractical, however, we find the location of the fingerprint scanner. It’s built right next to the camera lens on the back and difficult to reach. In addition, also the grade 8 has its price.