MIT Students Earn Bitcoins to Use and Develop Digital Currency

The Club Bitcoin MIT announced yesterday an initiative that aims to transform the institute in reference to the study of Bitcoin. Called the MIT Bitcoin Project, the intention is to distribute an amount of $ 100 in cryptographic currency for each student. The project will mark the beginning of a community that will make transactions with Bitcoins within the campus.

Thus, they intend to study how will use the values ​​and analyze how is the acceptance of Bitcoin within a community, and encourage their use and strengthen it. “We wanted to give a challenge to some of the brightest minds in the technology of this generation: when you get to campus this fall [September-December in the southern hemisphere], all his colleagues will have access to Bitcoin. What will you create to give them interesting ways to use it? “Dan brings Elitzer, creator of Bitcoin Club and MBA student at MIT, one of the names behind the project.

The student Jeremy Rubin, who is also participating in the project, compares the MIT Bitcoin Project to free access to the internet when the internet was not even close to being as popular as today. To the side of the MIT, the initiative places the Institute at the forefront of the study of Bitcoin, being the first in the world with widespread access to money.

The kickoff of the project comes from the community Bitcoin, which helped Rubin and Elitzer to join the equivalent of $ 500,000 in currency. The amount will be used both to finance the infrastructure deployment costs as to distribute the initial income for 4528 MIT graduate students.

The project will start only in the third quarter. Until then, the duo aims to facilitate the use of Bitcoin on campus, talking to vendors so that they accept Bitcoins as payment, which will stimulate the use of digital currency by students.