Microsoft Will Sell Tablet Surface

Microsoft Tablet 32 GB memory will cost the same price of the 16 GB version of the iPad in the U.S., without hood that turns into a keyboard.

Microsoft Will Sell Tablet Surface

The new tablet Surface , with Windows 8, will hit stores of the United States with price starts at $499 (R $1,015), according to statement released by Microsoft in the early afternoon on Tuesday (16). The value is the most basic model with 32 GB memory, without the cover to turn keyboard, cheaper than the equivalent model of the iPad, which costs $ $599 (R $1,218). With the cover, sold separately, the price of the product is equivalent to the 32 GB iPad.

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Surface, Microsoft tablet, will come to the US with price starting from $ $499

Microsoft also announced the price of the Surface with 64 GB of memory, which will cost $ $699 (R $1,421), with the cover that turns into a keyboard. The price is equivalent to 64 GB iPad. All models listed on the page refer to the Surface with Windows RT, version of Windows 8 compatible with devices that use chips based on ARM architecture, low energy consumption.

Microsoft did not disclose the prices of Surface versions with Windows 8 Pro, operating system version for devices with chips from Intel. The Surface with Windows RT starts to be sold on October 26, the same day that the new Windows version will be available. In addition to the UNITED STATES, the Surface will reach other countries such as Germany, Australia, Canada, China, France, United Kingdom and Hong Kong. The Brazil is not in the list of the first countries to receive the Surface.

The Surface with Windows RT have chip NVidia Tegra and 32 options GB or 64 GB of memory. It has 9.3 mm thickness (1 mm less than the iPad) and weighs 676 grams (20 grams more than the iPad). The new tablet at ComputerDo has USB 2.0 port and microSD card slot . The product screen is 10.6 inches with wide aspect ratio (16:9) and glass of the kind Gorilla Glass 2. The unit also have front and rear cameras.

Cover to turn keyboard

Both models of the tablet Surface are compatible with a cloak that, when folded turns into a keyboard with touchpad and mouse buttons, similar to that of a laptop. The product, however, does not monitor all versions of the product, but consumers can buy it separately.


Cover to turn keyboard is not included in the price of some models of the Surface

The cover to turn keyboard will be sold in two models: a Surface Touch Cover, which will be available in the colors white, black, magenta, cyan and red, which will cost $ $120 (approximately R $244); and the Surface Type Cover, which features keys that move and will only be available in black color, which will cost $ $130 (R $264).

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