Microsoft Is Working on 3D Scanning with Windows Phone Camera

Microsoft Research by using a new technique can take great 3D images, only using the camera on Windows Phones.

Most of the Mobile page’s readers have probably already embarked with panorama function on the cell phone, which paste views together in one vast and beautiful snapshot to the wall.

So far, 3D photography, perhaps not quite as widespread, and certainly not on the cell phone, but it may soon be a thing of the past. Microsoft Research has developed a so-called “Skynet UI”-feature, which is as easy as a panorama, depicted a 3D image of a man’s head just by moving around the person. It writes Microsoft Research via phone Arena.

About function as ever will be built into phones, however, nothing about the story. However, there is no doubt that the future of mobile cameras will continue to push the boundary of the impossible, and 3D photo is clearly an item.

I wonder if the future Facebook selfies will be 3D animated photos, or do you see other places that are more usable for technology?