Metallic Leggings Outfit from Byblos

Those who said “Under the dress nothing” is now out of fashion. Under dresses and maxi pull today are trendy leggings metallics, such as those proposed by Byblos. You think they are hard to bear? Read here!

They are comfortable, versatile and add a touch of glamor to the outfit. I’m talking about leggings, one of the clothing worn by most women in recent years. Even for this winter we have been replicated on the Milan catwalks during fashion week. Byblos, in particular, has reinterpreted them in an almost futuristic key, tingendoli of metallic colors and using materials such as latex. The gray is the peak hue and also of a more portable. Think otherwise? Here are some tips that will, no doubt, is worthwhile.

We assume that, if you decide to wear a pair of metallic leggings, all the rest of the look will have to be strictly basic. Seeing them on the catwalk can do a little fear, but if you follow these little tips, you also be able to make the leggings a must metalized head of your wardrobe.

For the day trying to match them with a maxi pull in blue wool, ankle boots and hood Tone on tone. In this way, all the attention will be focused on the legs but the outfit as a whole will be still casual.

For evening wear leggings like under a tight black dress at the waist, the Frenchman standing and holding clutch tone on tone. White gold, however, should be the jewelry. To protect you from the cold, cover with a black coat and a scarf in shades of gray.