Men’s T-Shirts for Summer

The heat is coming and the most sought after piece in the closet is the men’s summer t-shirts. In fact, t-shirts are always present in the wardrobe at all times of the year.

Men's T-Shirts for Summer

What are the trends in men’s shirts for the summer? What are the prints or modeling that most match the hottest season of the year?

Men’s T-Shirt Tips For Summer

Bet on those that have cut close to the body and a little longer (long-line t-shirts). Use them to look good casual with skinny pants or jogger. But if your style was a less formal, the ideal is to wear them with twill pants.
But if you do not like anything very fair to the body, the men’s t-shirts for summer are oversized , which are models with wider cut, leaving the look hip hop. But if you’re too skinny do not overdo it in width.

Keep an eye on the canola neck, which is more open and looks great on casual look . The Henley collar model even allows matching with trousers and blazer. But if you like a more fashionable look bet on the rounded bar shirt.

T-shirts with phrases are still high. But beware of the very funny or politically incorrect messages. Unless you’re prepared for # Controversial.

The certainty is that no shortage of T-shirts for men is not lacking, suggested by INVESTTOPS. It is a piece that is always present in the men’s wardrobe and in all seasons of the year. The basics will always be on the rise, so invest in parts and that will not fill your clothes closet that you certainly will not wear when the fashion goes by. But if you like something more fun know these shirts.

Men’s Long-Line T-Shirt For Summer

The long-line T-shirts, longer and more tight to the body, were present on the runways and already roll the streets. The style has a connection with hip-hop, but they are in the grace of modern man and are present in the macaws of popular stores. A trend that began with celebrities such as singer Justin Bieber and Givenchy stylist Riccardo Tisci, who is a fan of the model.

But be careful that the T-shirt is not so long as to go beyond the shorts. Wear it with tighter jeans or sweatpants.

Men’s T-Shirts

The V-neck T-shirt is successful among men, especially the healed ones, with strong breastplate. Not recommended for hairy breasts. It is an indispensable item in the stylish man’s wardrobe. The Gola V t-shirts in slim fit modeling and mixed mesh, guarantee a touch of freshness and great trim.

The Gola V men’s t-shirt leaves the summer look more fashion and with a certain dose of sensuality. Celebrities like Reynaldo Gianecchini and Rodrigo Santoro have already joined. The V-neck t-shirt combines with jackets, lightly faded jeans and even an open plaid shirt.

If you have attitude and fancy something more fashion, use the V-shirt with a blazer.


A lot of people twist their nose when it comes to t-shirts. Some claim that the tank top can only be worn if it is at the beach or at the gym and that it does not contribute much to the elegance of modern man, leaving a look of sloppiness.

But not quite, he saw. It is possible to leave the sophisticated or casual look without face of gym or beach. For this is just know how to combine the tank top with a blazer or a lightweight jacket. And since we’re talking about summer, this look can be used on cooler days or at night.

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Men’s Shoes With The Face Of Summer

Heat and summer combine with looks that give a feeling of freshness, right? And that also goes for The feet need to breathe during the summer, right? Nothing better than to provide them with comfortable shoes that match the summer.

Male driver , sider and moccasin shoes are fashionable and are required footwear in the closet in modern man. They combine with shorts and more seated pants, shorts and even casual blazer. Wear them without socks, please.

Ferricelli, the brand of men’s footwear from Franca-SP (A CAPITAL DO MALE FOOTWEAR), has a beautiful collection of shoes for the summer. Check it out here.

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So, did you like our tips for men’s t-shirts for the summer? Do you have any opinions or suggestions for the topic? Share with us in the comments.