Meet the Samsung 10.1 Guns to Face the Ipad 2

The Koreans are not kidding.It only took Apple to launch the iPad 2 and Samsung redesigned its Galaxy 10.1 (in just one month).

Meet the Samsung 10.1 Guns to Face the Ipad 2

Among the main modifications is a “slimming” of the definitive model, which will come thinner than the iPad 2.

If all goes well, the new tablet from Samsung lands in Brazil in June, with a price of $ 1,700.00.


It was not for nothing that Samsung put the name of its new tablet as 10.1.It’s to make a difference over your rival, who has a 9.7 screen.

According to Themotorcyclers, the resolution of 10.1 is also greater:1280 x 800 pixels, versus 1024 x 768 pixels of the iPad 2. Better for anyone who wants to play games and videos in HD.

In favor of the iPad 2, the optimization for the best visualization of both vertical and horizontal, while the 10.1 prioritizes the horizontal view.


Two items Samsung has been keen to please.Result: The Galaxy is the thinnest (8.6mm, versus the 8.8mm of the iPad 2) and lighter (565g, versus the 601g of the iPad 2) in its category.

In addition, the 10.1 provides a better “footprint” thanks to the material used on the back of the device.


Here, Samsung wanted to humiliate the adversary.And he did it.Your camera for photos is 8.0 megapixel.The Apple only 0.7 megapixel.

Samsung has just announced that the camera of its new tablet will come with 3 megapixels.

For video the difference is also enormous:a 10.1 delivers 1080p at 24 frames/p.sec.In HD quality.

The iPad 2 works at 720p at 30 frames/p.sec.

But the question remains: who would decide to buy a tablet for camera features?


Both offer a dual-core processor, which makes a big difference to running multiple programs at the same time.

The 1 GHz Nvidia Tegra 2 dual core of the Samsung tablet is the same as the Motorola Xoom.And anyone who has tested this tablet says that it is very fast.

The Apple comes with a 1 GHz Apple A5 dual core processor.

Which is faster?We need to wait for a performance test, but the 10.1 runs on a system (Android 3.0) which is essentially multitasking, taking full advantage of dual core features.


Apple does not tell you the specifications of your memory capacity.It is speculated that it has 512MB (the iPad 1 has 256MB).The Samsung delivers 1GB RAM.


Key item on tablets.The iPad 2 has accelerometer, ambient light sensor and gyroscope.

The Samsung 10.1 has all these features and more proximity sensor and digital compass.

Operational system

If 10.1 used Apple’s iOS system the fight between the two tablets would be pareja.But it uses the brand new Android 3.0 (produced by Google especially for tablets).

Android has tremendous potential, especially for being structured to be a multitasking.But it still lacks a “ripening” time that iOS already has.


If you are a user who basically uses the computer to surf the internet, Galaxy is the best option.The Android Browser, developed by Google, was highly chosen by specialized magazines from abroad who did some testing with this browser.

Not to mention that the Android system accepts Flash.That is, no windows with the logo of the Adobe plugin, as in the iPad 2.


You do not make good applications from one time to another.Google is sure to invest heavily in their app store, but for now, there is no way to make a comparison with the Apple store and its nearly 65,000 iPad apps.


(Wi-Fi model with 16MB).

[Update on August 30, 2013] >>> The Galaxy 10.1 can already be found for 1,105 reais ( at Walmart ).Pretty much the same price as the iPad 2 (1,215 reais, in Submarino ).

And this value can be reduced if the partnership with telephone operators is confirmed.

Apple’s strategy is still unknown: first it must end with inventories of the iPad 1;Then you can either import the iPad 2 or mount it right here.But that would only be possible by the end of the year.

And probably the prices of the two tablets should be similar.


In the direct comparison between the Samsung 10.1 and iPad 2, the Apple tablet is still the best.

By the number of items, the victory would be the Samsung 10.1.But some items have heavier weight than others, such as the operating system and applications.This advantage should last until new apps for Android 3.0 (especially the free ones) pop up.

But if you do not give up Flash, the choice, of course, is going to be the Galaxy.