Mazda Fashion & Design

The fashion and the hat dance design will have their gala evening celebrating the farewell of the 2011 excellent who lived the city of Guadalajara. On 7 December the presentation will take place in the novel MAZDA Fashion & Design, giving rise to a local event of quality focused on the cultures and different links in the industry of design, exposing the Guadalajara in the field local, national and international identity by creating a functional and open forum for the development and growth of the protagonists of the sector.

Mazda as a leader in the automotive area opened a new stage for design in our city, projecting the brand-new event that includes highlights of the contemporary scene in Guadalajara annually, offering society a fresh entrepreneurial vision, fueled by a thriving trading future located in Jalisco in a preferential place in the Mexican creative industry according to

The programming offered to the first edition of MAZDA Fashion & Design, both on catwalks and in the exhibition area, evidence profile and quality that identify each of those selected, all sharing a common place: the cutting edge.

Without a doubt the star presence of the fashion designer’s ALFREDO MARTINEZ will be one of the highlights of the event, accompanied by the local designers LILIA HERNÁNDEZ and JULIA MAYFAIR, as well the collective proposal ARIGATO PROJECT who will be its official launch in Mexico after his successful debut in Tokyo DESIGNERS WEEK 2011. Four gateways premiering original collections that accurately represent growth and imaging living Guadalajara fashion nowadays.

In the exhibition area will be in the presence of the Technological University of Monterrey, who complement the ARIGATO PROJECT proposal, at the conceptual level will present the complete series of pieces made ad hoc by students of the Bachelor of Industrial Design. At the same time the renowned designer PAULA GUZMÁN will showcase the highlights of their collections in the jewelry section, finally adding the excellent exhibition “Design, here, now”, with the highlights of the creative minds that they drive and create a new phase for Industrial design in Mexico.