Maxicolares Trends, Tips How to Use

The maxicolares are dictating fashion worldwide and reveal themselves able to complete the look for different occasions. Charming, elegant and daring, these accessories are bets of big international celebrities, such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Sharon Stone and even Michelle Obama.

Maxicolares Trends, Tips How to Use

Maxicolar: The powerful woman accessory

Although it is the accessory of the time, the maxicolar is not something entirely innovative in the fashion scope. In the decade of 60, actress Audrey Hepburn exhibited her sophisticated necklaces, who were responsible for turning the look of her character from the movie “Doll of Luxury” into a fashion icon.

The maxicolares are found on the market in various models and can be used both by young and mature women alike. The pieces distinguish themselves as to the design and material used in the confectionery, but they have a characteristic in common: they are enormous jewelry and that stand out in the look.

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The discreet and basic woman will never be able to add a maxicolar to her everyday costume, after all, the piece robs looks and becomes one of the main elements of the costume. However, if it is bold and updated in relation to fashion trends, it will make good use of a large necklace, both in casual situations and in events requiring formality.

In shops you can find maxicolares able to please all tastes. Accessories are made with various materials, from the simplest to the most sophisticated. Fashion trends highlight the success of pieces of beads, stones, metals, pearls, crystals and even leather.

Tips on how to use Maxicolares

Although it is a fully ‘ tuned ‘ accessory with the trends, the maxicolar cannot be used either way. The woman should fetch the perfect combination of the accessory with the remainder of the look and also take some care. Here are some tips:

  • If the piece is very glamorous, i.e. full of glitters, it should be used only in more chic and avoided events in the day-to-day;
  • To facilitate the combination, choose smooth clothing and value one or two colors of the accessory;
  • The piece can be used directly on the lap or on the clothing, it is for the woman to decide the best fit for the occasion;
  • Do not use the maxicolar with other large accessories, such as earrings, otherwise the look is exaggerated;
  • The maxicolar can be adopted during the day, but opt for the most basic versions.

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