Makeup (or How Not to Spoil the Perfect Outfit)

Close to some people, I understand  absolument rien  makeup techniques. In addition to not be my focus, I don’t approach subjects which I studied in depth, so I never wrote about it before – because I use just the basics and often(even more in this heat), nor the base step.

Makeup (or How Not to Spoil the Perfect Outfit)

And why am I talking about it, if this is not my area?

I can not do a tutorial of make the last clip of Lady Gaga, but of what’s in fashion and how every detail interferes with the picture, that I understand.

Makeup can be the perfect complement to an outfit and pass almost unnoticed-that unnoticed that says”I was born and I don’t need much to be like that”–or can stand out so that all that effort by choosing certain parts go down the drain according to Beautygenerate.

When I write, I usually speak of the messages that the clothes convey, but that’s not all. The lines of our body, our hair and our face communicate too. And every element that we inserted-is a blouse, a clip or a lipstick-transmit a specific message and can be both something used to strengthen, how to balance information you already have, but I have to agree with the rest.

Example: you work in a super conservative environment. His suit is black, his shirt, white, and the shoe is a classic pumps. More traditional, impossible. But in the eye you painted a thick band of white eyeliner that fixed with your Orange lipstick. All of your uniform conservatism was down the drain.

Or: you even have limited themselves to neutral tones, but weigh the hand on the eyeliner and smoky. For more handy that has been and more beautiful than has been the result, the makeup still stands out more than the clothing, and still runs the risk of someone finding you was of the ballad the night before straight to work.

And the opposite: your dress has sequins, your sandal is thin and high, their accessories were carefully chosen. In the end, you show up at that party”baph” only that pink batonzinho mouth of all-holy-day. Where was the glamour?

Yes. Misunderstandings happen. But the best way to avoid this is by remembering a few simple tips.

Make-up work needs to be more neutral. In some professions, she may have a touch of color, something different, but still discreet he won’t distract your interlocutor.

The black smudges raccoon style, the metal shadows/super colorful and those lipsticks right flashy are better for the weekend-night on the beach!

Can be fashionable, you can find it beautiful, but face if, in you, don’t stay as I would like. Not always that pale pink fashion fall right in your face. If the color is not your, in addition to letting you look very healthy, especially not in the case of lipsticks more marked as a flashy pink, it would seem that the mouth does not belong to your face(something Mr. potato Guy is Guy Crazy gone wrong).

I hit this key, but especially when it comes to makeup, the maxim that”it is not because it is fashionable it’s beautiful” is unforgettable. Remember that one day the magazine Capricho tried to teach you how to make the mouth(I think it was) of Aunty nude lip outlined with eyeliner: Red – just using the argument that was fashionable.

If you tried alone and still can’t even get that basic batted, no blog or youtube video is helping you and you won’t get around to face clean because after a certain age it becomes something almost forbidden, I suggest a auto-maquiagem course. You will learn, for example, that there are some techniques for those who do not get along with the brush eyeliner and the choice and the use of correction require caution to avoid the reverse panda effect, among other things. Have you stopped somewhere(bad) of the past, will benefit even more to find out what does not apply colorful eyeshadow on entire eyelid and the blusher should be gently brushed.

The night was good, the hangover’s tense but you still want to find the peopleon the beach and have to hide allegations of previous damage? Concealer can help, without which nobody finds out, but no more. When you use makeup on the beach, as well as when using jump too, surpasses the limits of inelegance. Not to mention that the sweat and water make your makeup to get rid(for better products, including your primer, be) and unless you enjoy something more”artistic” and”dramatic,” won’t be satisfied with the result.

Simple, obvious and direct things that will make this piece so important in the production are the perfect finish and not ruin.