Makeup for Job Interview

Prepare for an interview can cause a little bit of craving and sometimes this same feeling can make us pay an expensive price tag, essentially if you are battling for ajob in Rio de Janeiro or another major Center. There are many useful tips on time to submit to an interview or a job selection. It is important not to come in late, but with a few minutes of anticipation. In addition wear discreet, without exaggerated necklines, no transparency, hair and nails must be well taken care of, clear nail polish and discreet makeup. And how could it be the makeup for job interview?

Makeup for Job Interview

Tips to hit the makeup for job interview

Prepare your skin with a good moisturizer with sunscreen of at least 15 as L’oreal Paris UV Protect. The sunscreen protects the skin of light, the Sun, pollution and even makeup.

Use a little bit of concealer on blemishes and dark circles like the concealer Balm Team. A good base as the MAC’s that are perfect according to If you feel extremely necessary, use a little compact only in the T zone of your face, will serve to remove excess glitter.

Pass the shadow on concave portion of the eye and eyelid mobile, preferably in neutral colors like Brown, opaque or ashes. To “open” the eye a little rub some shimmery eyeshadow on the eyes that you haven’t put between eyebrows and concave part. The pencil or eyeliner should be used sparingly. A layer of mascara on the eyelashes revives the look. The best of them is the Mac Zoom Lash. A gentle stroke of blush and anything exaggeration.

Use a lipstick as the Soft Matt Lip Cream NYX in neutral colors such as light pink or brown earth tones.Should always be opaque, if you prefer to use a gloss choose a neutral color, the mouth should look very natural as the rest of the makeup.

And don’t forget that the secret to a good makeup, for a job interview is to opt for delicate colors, products that you know and like, without exaggeration, getting always look natural. The important thing is what you bring as professional experience and his character, not the brand of the clothes you wear. Makeup and clothes are important details but not essential.