Madonna Will Launch Short Film Exclusively on BitTorrent

In another attempt to ward off its name from the world of piracy and siding with Hollywood greats, the BitTorrent made ??a kind of partnership with Madonna. As a result, the singer (and dancer, and actress and producer, and living legend, and …) will launch a short film exclusively by BitTorrent.

The this short film will be 17 minutes and has been “provoked” on the site Art ForFreedom. It is part of a “secret project” called Secret Project Revolution and, in fact, is still shrouded in much mystery.

The film should be released on September 24 and talk about freedom, intolerance and be like a manifesto so there is more love in the world. Besides, who wants to participate in the project will be able to send their contributions.

Beautiful, right?

Madge is not the first artist to do this kind of partnership with BitTorrent; in fact, the file sharing service has an initiative called BitTorrent Bundle which helps artists to publish their work for the more than 170 million users of the service. Other big names who have used it are Linkin Park, Public Enemy, The Pixies and the famous channel YouTube Epic Meal Time.

With Bundle, artists may ask for some form of symbolic payment for the material to be downloaded, such as adding your email in a list. With this, they no longer depend on large distributors to have their work published, having direct contact with the public, and the public gets to consume illegal content. Everybody wins.

As previously mentioned, Madonna is not the first artist to embrace the cause of sharing online, but it is certainly the most famous. And the best of it – even for those who are not a fan of it – is that his name attracts attention and can help encourage this practice, helping to shape and improve the consumer culture on the Internet without piracy.