Lumapower Flashlights

Since it has been from a customer desire brought to me in size compare flashlights with a reference pocketknife, I want this request into account in future and make today the beginning of a size comparison between the Lumapower STRIVE RX and the Harnds Black Mamba Folder:

Technische Details

  • Charge in the lamp via USB port
  • Five light modes
  • Three flashing modes
  • Smart UI 3.1
  • Mode Memory
  • Operating with 26650- or 18650-Battery
  • Wegrollschutz
  • Tactical Lock
  • Tailstand
  • side switch
  • Solid construction
  • Max. 950 Lumen
  • Length: 11.8 cm
  • Diameter lamp head: 3,3 cm
  • Diameter lamp body: 3.1 cm
  • Weight: 115 grams (without battery / battery)
  • RainSuit T6061 aircraft aluminum
  • Anodisierung: Type III HA schwarz

Pros And Cons

+ Compact flashlight with a long maturity and good control

+ Display of battery status

+ For 26650-and 18650 batteries suitable

lux Measurements

The lux measurements I carried out both with the regular lamp head and the Tele Force Head, it was a freshly charged Soshine 26650 5500 mAh battery for use:

  1. a) Standard-Lampenkopf: ca. 10400 Lux@1m
  2. b)Tele Force Head: ca. 16700 Lux@1m

As I have already mentioned, it is also still give the big Turbo Force Head for STRIVE RX.This lamp head the lux values ​​should go drastically up.


In my view the Lumapower STRIVE V2 was already a great and powerful flashlight, with the STRIVE RX Lumapower now has a flashlight in the portfolio, which surpasses its predecessor in any case in terms of performance and versatility. Not only the integrated charging ability is a fine thing, but also the fact that Lumapower has managed to significantly improve the performance of the RX STRIVE again with respect to the maximum light output and runtime.

Here I think is a good compromise between improved performance and backward compatibility has been found, which ensures that older accessories for STRIVE V2 can be used easily with the STRIVE RX on. Lumapower is one of the few Flashlight manufacturer, in which not the highest possible emissions is technically almost identical flashlights in the foreground, in order to boost sales, but here have issues such as cost-effectiveness and investment protection priority.

As before, the Lumapower STRIVE RX is a compact flashlight with strong light output, the-I mentioned it already-even longer than two or minutes is available, without then right back on its course because of overheating for the lamp. Of course, it remains entirely up to whether maximum light output for a short period or a completely adequate in practice constant light output it is important, I want to but have noted definitely again because it always is an issue even in counseling sessions with clients which can provide (rightly) for disappointed faces when the advertised by the manufacturer performance is only available for a short period.

With its interchangeable battery tubes for use with 26650-or 18650-battery and 3xAA batteries / NiMH batteries and versatile accessories is STRIVE RX in my view, more than ever, a recommendation for a powerful all-rounder, also in the neighborhood of if required the planned Turbo Force Head can be turned into a high-reach Thrower. The integrated charging capability via USB rounds off the positive image upwards. Oh yes, last but not least is the STRIVE RX according Lumapower addition to the known versions (cool white and neutral white) also soon be available in warm white and with 90CRI what the lamp can appear among other things interesting for photographers.