Luck For Pencil Skirt Here is How to Bring

The pencil skirt is a garment feminine and glamor that was invented in the forties by Christian Dior, over the years the pencil skirt has been declined in many models, styles and colors. The classic pencil skirt below the knee is long, narrow and black, was the leader that revolutionized the fashion world, and that, even today, continues to be a must-have. The pencil skirt is the star of fashion for spring summer 2012, they have proposed many designers, plain or colored blocks, but there are also colorful patterns with prints with fruit and vegetables of Dolce & Gabbana and Givenchy, with lines and with animal prints.

Luck For Pencil Skirt Here is How to Bring

The pencil skirt: a fashion icon

The pencil skirt was invented by the genius of Christian Dior in the forties, this skirt is created to free women from’ austerity of the war. The classic pencil skirt is straight Dress, Pencil and with the narrow waist, this skirt has become instantly popular, was welcomed with open arms by celebrities but also from all other women, was not vulgar and not left uncovered the legs (for does not infuriate fathers, husbands and fiancés!) but still gave a mood seductive and feminine.

The pencil skirt: how to bring it?

The pencil skirt can bring in so many different, if you want to focus on the classic, you can opt for the pencil skirt with a short jacket, which can be straight but also bustier, with or without the belt. Another classic combination is the black skirt with the white shirt you can choose between a simple model blouse and a shaped and stretch. If you want to bet on a more modern look and spirited can match pencil skirt at the top with three-dimensional decorations and frou frou, T-shirts with short sleeves or three-quarter or with a light wool sweaters.

The pencil skirt you have to match the high-heeled shoes, go well heeled, pumps, boots, ankle boots, to avoid rather moccasins, ballerinas and ankle, which might look a bit ‘squat and stifle the classic slender design makes it special this skirt. If you have a few extra pounds, the black pencil skirt combined with high-heeled shoes, is perfect, streamlines and binds up curves so curvy and sexy.

The pencil skirt: the new models

The pencil skirt is the star of the fashion for spring summer 2012, one of the coolest models of the season there are those with the prints with vegetables of Dolce & Gabbana and those with noir flowers Givenchy, but also those with glamor lines and those animal. With lines, however, you have to be careful, avoid the pencil skirt with stripes if you are skinny and tall like Miranda Kerr, otherwise it will make you look like with wider hips. Green light to the colored pencil skirt or patterns color block. Do not forget the classic models in black and white, not tramonteranno ever and you can always wear. A pencil skirt for a fashion label emblazoned, for example, could be a great investment for the future.