Look with Leggings Outside the Gym

The legging is a super common in academia, and in place where we practice physical exercises. Some people risk and use them in other looks too, other find it super cheesy. The point is that to use it, can compose a look well cool, and who knows, make her a play Joker in your wardrobe. The positives are many: comfort, practicality, versatility and is a piece that enhances the silhouette. If you want another reason to use a look with leggings, we have several tips and inspirations for you here! So, if the League tips!

Look with Leggings Outside the Gym

This is not a play so current, appeared in the 13 century, when it was used by Scottish men, Indians and also dancers. But it was the ‘ 80 that she became popular thanks to the Madonna looks. This is a very basic, usually smooth and without details and used on a daily basis for your convenience and comfort.Despite this, can compose looks beautiful and full of style. To this end, is perfect in other parts or accessories. You can combine with a t-shirt, regatinha, or even a sweater on colder days. For the shoes also have a lot of options. Boots, heels, sneakers, and even tennis.

According to Deadlyleggings, the legging is a good thing in the winter, she goes very well with high or low boots, and you can combine with a very elegant affair, and also the scarves. But if the day is not so cold, Valley combine with a sneaker or tennis, even an All Star and have a look more stripped.

Attention: For the look with leggings should be careful with the tissue accumulation in certain body parts, like the groin or ankle. So, choose the piece with the perfect size for you. Worth it if you pay attention also to the quality of the play, you’re right, there are many with bad material and even become transparent when we wear.

Like the looks with leggings? Already use or would use? Tell me!
A kiss and see you soon!