Load Curve in Pregnancy

Load Curve in pregnancy, examination should be done around the 24th week of pregnancy to control your blood sugar, a sign of gestational diabetes, a form of diabetes that disappears immediately after pregnancy.

The gestational diabetes is that form of diabetes that develops during pregnancy and that involves either all women waiting for the Stork, although they never suffered from diabetes before. Like other types of diabetes, gestational also affects how the body’s cells use sugar, the main source of energy. The gestational diabetes then increases the amount of sugar in the blood, which can cause problems to the mother’s health but also that of her child.

It is not anything serious because expectant mothers, following the advice of the physician, can control blood sugar with diet, then following a healthy diet, doing exercise and, in major cases, following a drug therapy. The gestational diabetes will resolve naturally following delivery, whereby it a transitory nature, which is why there is no reason for alarm for maternity clothing.

The blood glucose curve, which is the glucose tolerance test, is a special examination is used to control whether the body dispose properly the sugars.

How does the test

The exam is around the 24th week and you can do both in hospital that in a study of private clinics.Before the exam is taken a blood sample and detects the concentration of sugar present, so thebasal blood glucose. At this point the patient will drink a liquid that contains a fixed amount of glucose, usually 50 or 75 grams, then run other two samples: the first after an hour and the second two hours after glucose intake. If your blood sugar after the second withdrawal is greater than 140, you will need to do a second screening level greater depth, in which the administration of glucose is 100 grams. If even this second test will give a positive response, the doctor diagnose thegestational diabetes.

Usually there are no side effects, although some women complain of nausea, sweating or dizziness after drinking the glucose solution, but are very rare.