Like Sleeping in Pregnancy

The best position to sleep in pregnancy is sideways. However, there is only this solution: pillows, precautions and good dietary rules help sleep during pregnancy and make us live the last months of pregnancy in a more quiet.

Moms know well: sleep well during pregnancy, especially in recent months, often proves to be a big deal, why not always, due to the size of the belly, it’s easy to find a comfortable position.

The point is not only to find a position comfortable for you, but also safe for the baby. It is not uncommon that pregnant women, especially during the first months of pregnancy, due to a number of factors, they can often suffer the sleeplessness.

There are some positions, recommended by doctors and Gynecologists, allowing workers to rest quite well;

For example, the recommended option in these cases provides that mothers sleep on his left side and with your knees slightly bent. This position prevents the weight of the fetus to put pressure on internal organs and blood vessels. This position is good for both the mother to the child, because it decreases the pressure on the liver and kidneys, and improves blood circulation.

It is absolutely not recommended, instead, sleep on your back because the uterus presses on the intestine, therefore you may experience digestive problems. Also sleep on the side reduces the risk of hemorrhoids in pregnancy and relieves nausea during the first few months.

Later in gestation, when the size of the belly will become notable, you might relieve pressure clutching a pillow for maternity between her legs, putting one under the seat and one in part under your back. There are also pillows designed specifically for pregnant women, but you should be able to find a suitable position using the ones that you already have at home.

Unfortunately for many women get used to this position isn’t easy, that’s why it would be advisable to try sleeping on the side since the early months of pregnancy, because the closer you get to childbirth, most will be hard to sleep well.


The location – say the gynecologists and posturologues – however, it is not the only care that you need for a good sleep in pregnancy. The ideal is also eat well before you go to sleep, hydrate by drinking a couple of glasses of water, have a good oxygenation of the room have a comfortable mattress and not be anxious. Drinking Chamomile tea can help sleep and sometimes even nausea.