Lightify Lighting System

The Lightify System in use

Lightify Lighting System

Have we even finished the short one and all our lamps integrated into the system, we can all also try already in practical use. It does not matter which lamps or strips you have in use, all lights work ultimately identical or offer (with the exception of warm white / cool white-exchange) the same features. Let’s take a look at the apps and the local possibilities – I hope it is somewhat structured.

Short together plan to apps: Are optically not quite as bad as “smart home” apps from other manufacturers, even if here and there certainly would air upward – but nothing you could not optimize to improve the future. As for the performance and functions, so there is nothing to complain little to – do what they want and even reliable, even I could see no high latencies in changing the settings. A review in advance: What the app (status quo) is missing, is a geofencing function – ie an automatic switching on of certain lamps or groups as soon as you are in the vicinity of your home (and vice versa).

But now to the functions and here I would like to start with the simple equipment index and the simple change of light. Basically, you can watch the lights on the App course individually controlled and then gets a pretty nice view visualized to see in her first of the lamp on and off can. But the color temperature, the brightness and the color you can “Press & Hold” by selecting fast and easy. The Infinite Icon (the figure of eight) to start a color change, you can adjust the tempo in things – the heart icon adds the current settings added to euern favorites.

Those favorites can be accessed via the lower tab and quickly choose up to 16 different light settings can be saved here. Also, you can on three predefined light modes recourse (active to work with “Daylight” Relax with warm comfort light and plant light as”Green Thumb Light” titled o_O) or a color from a photo dial out. Tip: Do you want to define a light setting as the default, so this is automatically activated when switching on the lamp, you can do this right, above the light switch icon.

But that you may not always need to manually turn on row by row all lamps, various lamps can of course also combine in groups. For example, once “all lamps” and then groups for individual rooms-or what you just so you. So you can a whole group of lights on and off or control the temperature, brightness and color at the same time-the view here is identical to that which we find also in individual lamps.What should be so, but certainly worth mentioning is: Enabled their automatic color change for the group, the lamps are naturally synchronized with one another.

Another handy thing are also the so-called scenes. Post your various lighting settings (as usual: temperature, color, brightness) to gather and store and the desired groups or individual lamps. By simple tap on a scene it will now be activated – so to speak to something like the favorites function, only faster and reach with the option to set several lights and appliances. So you can, for example, quickly dim the lights for “television” or activate cold white light for working.Scenes created her way by her in the group settings the “+”- operated button at the top right.

The last two features are available on the tab “Extras”: Timer and Wake-up Light.Using the timer to your lamps be naturally switched at a certain time and off again.Here, you can either refer to specific scenes or appeal even simple groups or individual lamps. Also, you can select only time but also the weekdays.

When night light (also called night lighting on you give a time at which the usually you have to sleep. 20 minutes prior to this time, your lamps will now be switched on – of course with a warm light color and ehr low brightness. This then getting dark and gray – until it turns off again automatically 40 minutes after the actual off. Of course you can also re-select groups or individual night light.