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LG’s New User Interface for G3 Leaked

View a series of photos from LG’s new user interface for Android called Optimus UI. Expected to be launched with the LG G3.

LG user interface for Android called Optimus UI, now have long needed an update. It worked under the Ice Cream Sandwich era when it was launched, but LG has long stood still and watched rivals like Samsung and HTC launch fresh new ideas-now it looks as if that LG finally comes with a newer version for the upcoming 3 G phone.

Pictures from Phandroid showing the old interface to the left and the new right. The colors have been much lighter and updated icons such as this time round. 

LG also has another trick up his sleeve, the so-called concierge feature as you get a single glimpse of in one of the pictures-it tells you that it is a good idea to bring an umbrella, since it is expected to rain later.

It is not known whether LG plans to update older devices with their new interface, LG has historically not been among the front runners in this discipline so you’ll probably not hope for too much, we will see.

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