LG Teaser for New Products Probably to MWC

At this year’s Mobile World Congress promises LG probably unveiled new smartphones – the teaser at least for something is on the way.

Last year held LG no bigger product presentation/event during the Mobile World Congress, but they had nevertheless products LG Optimus, Optimus, Optimus Vu L3 L5 and L7 Optimus with his sleeve.

It is also expected that there are new phones and perhaps even tablets, which will be presented during this year’s Mobile World Congress from LG. Rumor goes on a F-series is on the way.

These expectations do LG Mobile also what they can to keep alive – at the latest by tease on their Facebook page where they write:

-“See what unexpected surprise LG have for you this time” followed by an image with the text “the new series will be unveiled”.

Our site is covering as usual, Mobile World Congress, which takes place in Barcelona 2013 from the 25-28. February – however, more and more producers are holding press conferences at the weekend up to where the our site of course is present.