LG G3, Here Are All the Rumors

Rumors of a sequel to LG G2 hover, so here is a collection of information on LG G3.

The popular LG G2 is by having a few months old, so therefore arises that rumors of a successor, the LG G3. We have taken a look at all the rumors and created a collection.

Launch date: no earlier than may, expect no later than July.

5.5 “x 1440 2560 QHD resolution
CPU: Snapdragon 805, Octa-core with 1.7 GhHz quad-core for browsing and other things that don’t require as much. 2, 2 GHz quad-core for when there really is a need for brute strength.
3 GB ram
13Mpix camera with 4 k video support and 120fps for slow motion video.

The actual design is that no rumors, but I wonder if we’ll get buttons on the back just as with LG G2.

Operating system

Here comes a surprise. It will run Android, with version 4.4 of the time of this writing. The surprise is not, of course, Android with KitKat, but that LG will further develop their Optimus UI so it becomes more flat. Critics will say that it looks like Samsung’s new version of TouchWiz that come with Galaxy S5 or perhaps even that it will look like iOS7, judge for yourself.

What do you say does this sound reasonable? The CPU is probably the only thing that may surprise, the rest seems very logical.