LG G Pad 8.3-Android KitKat Update Is Ready

Latest version of Google’s operating system is now ready the Danish LG G Pads.

Latest version of the Google operating system for Lg G Pad is now on the air. Thus will be LG’s tablet adorned with the latest version of Android, also known as KitKat, which udemærker itself by being optimized to run on devices that only have 512 MB of RAM.

With KitKat would Lg G Pad so run more fluently when less of its 2 GB RAM will be seized and more tasks can run simultaneously. Software update also brings new functionality to the 8.3 inch tablet which now can print over Wi-Fi.

Android, however, have the Chin to the 4.4 completely removes support for Flash playback in the browser. However, you follow This tip, you can get Flash Player back.