Lenovo Yoga Tablet, a Tablet Affordable for all Types of Needs

Little by little, Lenovo has become a brand of reference in the world of computing. Their teams are quality, as demonstrated with their computers and tablets among others. A reliable manufacturer to be reckoned with very daring ideas.

The best, and most recent, example we see in the Lenovo IdeaPad or Yoga Tablet for friends. A tablet which comes out of the conventional in its design. It is rectangular and has a black frame? Yes, but it hides many secrets.

A unique design, for the position that you want

The photo that heads this article, already gives us some clues on what features this tablet. Indeed, we can put it in different positions like his brother convertible Lenovo Yoga with Windows 8.

Thanks to a hinge in the back, we can tilt the tablet and put in three positions. The normal, to catch it with your hands slightly inclined to write about it and finally to put it standing as if it were a digital frame.

This is really useful because it allows us to use it in many ways without the need for accessories. In addition, side cylinder will allow us to catch it in a most comfortable way. A combination of plastic and aluminium very well achieved.

Powerful technical specifications

Although the design is one of its great virtues, notably also their power. We have a powerful tablet, which will give us an excellent performance, both with leading games Google Play as when it comes to view high quality video.

Its four core processor makes it possible all this. A fast device, that you can Customize to our liking. Perfect for use at any time as it also comes in two sizes: eight to ten inches.

Marathon battery

The battery in a tablet always is important and does not lack this Lenovo model precisely. Where is it hiding? Indeed, in its cylinder. Within it, will have a battery that will guarantee us more than ten hours on without screwing, something never seen in a tablet to date.

It lasts much, and is something that is not noticed in his weight which are kept in proportions that make it comfortable. Whether the model of ten or eight-inch, we acertaremos with the Lenovo Tablet Yoga if we are looking for a device to see content, play, and take any other note.

You can find more information about the Lenovo Yoga Tablet in the El Corte Inglés online store.