Lenovo Shows Tablet Capable of Scanning Texts Written with Pen

Lenovo today announced a different kind of tablet. Called Yoga Book, it consists of two parts: The top is a touch screen and the underneath is an equally sensitive surface that can be used as a keyboard, drawing tool or even to digitize texts by hand.

Lenovo Shows Tablet Capable of Scanning Texts Written with Pen

Over the top, there’s no big news: it resembles a traditional tablet, with 10.1-inch screen resolution 1920×1200 pixels. The bass, however, can light up to flip a keyboard, turning the tablet into a kind of hybrid notebook to facilitate tasks such as writing emails or editing documents.

This keyboard can also be erased with a button, and the surface that used to be a keyboard becomes a touch-sensitive surface. It can then be used as a drawing tool, similar to a Wacom pad, designed for designers. It is still possible to attach a ink cartridge to the stylus that comes with the tablet and write or draw on paper on that surface; The texts and drawings produced in this way are instantly scanned for the tablet.


Off the touch-sensitive surface, the tablet hardware does not innovate so much. It brings an Intel Atom 5x processor, 4GB RAM and 64GB storage, which can be expanded via MicroSD card. With these settings, it puts itself as an intermediate tablet, focused on everyday tasks.

Two versions of it, however, will be launched by Lenovo: one with Windows 10, the other with Android. The Android version will bring a series of modifications to the operating system, made with the aim of improving the functionalities of the touch-sensitive surface. It must offer up to 15 hours of battery life of 8500 mAh; The Windows version, in turn, should last 13 hours.

The Yoga Book will be launched in October in the United States. The Android version will cost us $499 (approx. R $1,612) and a with Windows us $549 (r $1,773 approx). There is still no information about the launching of the device in Brazil.

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