Know Which Gift Is Appropriate for Each Age Group

Stimulate the games is superimportante and every child has different tastes. Pay attention in the preferences of the small, but if you stick to the ages and particulars of each item. There are a few simple tips for you hit when choosing the gift suitable for each age group.

From 0 to 1 year

In this phase, it is important that all space is occupied, starting with the. Mobiles can help in this task. The baby is realizing the world by your surroundings, soon, stimulate your visual perception and sonora is indispensable.

Bet on books and toys that emit sounds. Different formats, puppets, soft textures and objects will help you in the process of discovery. In addition, this little person is realizing your own existence – invest in toys with mirrors and reflections.

From 1 to 3 years

Even the three years, the small place of curiosity to the test: walk, run and talk, that makes it easier to accept the challenges.Reproduce what they observe around is common. These little need of action! Invest in balls, books, musical instruments, toys for use in the shower, memory games, dolls, costumes, puzzles and tricycles, for example.

From 3 to 5 years

The make-believe is the flagship of this age. Don’t hesitate to encourage imagination and friendships. Create links allows for other ways to explore and understand the world and people.Bet on cars, mounting kits, scenarios, costumes and painting books or crafts.

Soon after this phase, the games with rules began to draw attention. Invest in trays, books with more complex stories and organize moments of reading, for example.

Toy cameras, drawing materials, balance games and bikes are great. Because they are in the process of development of autonomy, listen to what the small ones have to ask.