Jelly Bean Starts to Reach The HTC One X and One S… in Asia

That the Android updates they are somewhat chaotic is something that is no doubt. Google Announces a new version of its operating system and manufacturers rush to announce that Yes, updated the software of their some of their devices. And actually do so, but many months later.

This is the case of the HTC One X and S. The company said in July that it would work to bring these numbers 4.1 – among others-, but we are ending October and the update is now beginning to appear in some parts of the world. More specifically, Some users in Taiwan and Singapore are beginning to receive Jelly Bean in the HTC One X, and no trace of it in other countries.

This news only alludes to the HTC One X, while people from HTC has confirmed that One S will receive their ration Jelly Bean “ coming soon & #8221;, We understand that in the coming days. Again we are talking about the Asian countries listed above, as there is for the rest of the world a date specific or official.

Interestingly we are faced a presumable renewing Android 4.2 next week, and many of the most important terminals of the technology landscape are not even in Jelly Bean, or have been updated recently. Without going any further, one of the most important considered phones, the Samsung Galaxy S3, was updated about one month ago. Others like the Xperia S are still waiting, although they have some very important projects related to this upgrade in the future.

The story leaves us a clear conclusion: If you want to always have the latest official version of Android available, a Nexus or anything else. It bring us Google next Monday presenting anything new related updates? Hopefully Yes, because it is without a doubt one of the weaknesses of the operating system.