It Be Good to HTC to Present The M7 before The Mobile World Congress?

I know that it may seem like a question without much interest, but the reality is that HTC needs to change its methods and forms of present products. Maybe the bug isn’t there, is not the solution to achieve best results, but it seems that in the past too well has not worked him.

Firstly, terminals are always filtered beforehand too, increasingly in more detail, and second, in the middle of the event, do not have all the foci of attention to them, since it is quite possible that the competitors have products at the same time, or most interesting.

The network is circulating the rumor that the new company, called HTC M7 important phone, could be made official on February 19, a week before the event in Barcelona (February 25-27). The so-called event would take place in London.

Although we can not give it because, since it is nothing more than a rumor, I think that they would get with an event of its own claim increased interest from the public, and a cleaner media space so that people learn more about their proposals.

A Apple It works to do so, and does not seem to go him poorly in sales. The other carried the rest of the market, Samsung, try events Unpacked are distinct from MWC, or even on other dates. Do it before the event in Barcelona has the added attraction that it would be talking about it during the same. Another large, LG, It is usually published one or two days before their press releases, and people are already commenting on them before meeting them physically.

On the phone itself, which follow the page every day, you will know that it is having a bit of confusion with the leaks, there are a couple of different phones that could marry the M7. With regard to the software, already we have seen some HTC Sense 5.0.