Iphone Cover is Capable of Holding Gun Shots .50

Iphone Cover is Capable of Holding Gun Shots .50
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Whoever buys an iPhone usually ends up paying dearly for the device and is terrified of possible crashes and damage to the phone. If you fit this description, know that a Japanese company wants to give more peace of mind to the owners of the gadget.

The company, called Marudai, has created an iPhone case that goes far beyond what you’ve seen. The hood (if you can call it that) has a massive back, made of a combination of steel and aluminum, which should make the device “easy” to be loaded. The edges are also constructed of metal, and the case needs to be screwed into the smartphone. All this to withstand even a bullet fired by a .50-caliber weapon according to PHONEJUST.

However, despite so much protection, the screen seems to have been overlooked by designers and is fully exposed. That is, if the device is shot in the back, you will not even feel it. However, if the bullet hits the screen, well, then you’ll need a new iPhone.

The price of this cover? According to Tech Crunch, about 650 dollars, almost 1,200 reais at the current exchange rate. It seems that this case is capable of weighing in the pocket in every possible way, does not it?

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