iPhone 6 Photos Not Good Enough? Camera Attachment To Deliver Perfect Images

Smartphone cameras like that of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus are getting better, but the quality just in low light but still far from the professional models is located. The company DxO wants to change this now with its first proprietary device: the mini camera DxO one for the connection to iPhones and iPads.

The camera itself initially looks like a miniature camera and remembers something on a GoPro with rounded enclosure. What initially looks like the usual opening for the lens on one of two large sides, is only a lightning connection for an iPhone or an iPad.

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The actual lens is located in one of the elongated narrow sides as for compact camcorders and is laid bare before the operation by means of a sliding mechanism. With the fold-out lightning connection is the camera on the iPhone or iPad plugged, and the screen immediately to the viewfinder for the is now ready to use camera. Just like the iPhone’s camera app, the viewfinder offers also a slew of recording settings.

Performance And Price-Quality SLR Cameras

DxO has been made with the development of software for professional image processing and camera performance tests a name. Of course also the in-house DxO one had to imagine the latter: here, she reached a DxOMark score of 70. Because the camera dominated also SuperRAW shots from several individual images, only be aggregated for transfer to a computer, even a score of 85 is possible according to the manufacturer. To compare DxO is called the SLR system Cameras Nikon D7200 and Sony A7S with respectively 87 points, as well as the Canon EOS on his Web page to the DxOMark 5 d Mark III with 81 points.

Who has interest in the DxO camera given the remarkable test results and with her and his would go iPhone 5s or iPad air 2 most immediately on Photo Safari, which should know however that DxO requires also a proud price for the tiny device with 649 euro. For this you need to get also worry about the internal memory or the battery of your iPhone: the camera has a slot for a MicroSD card on which she alternatively can store images, as well as an own battery.

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