International Dance Day

This Friday (29) is celebrating the international day of dance, so let’s talk of swing dances that within the universe retro has many supporters and nostalgic. The swing dances are a group of dances typical of the USA that developed from the jazz and African American dances. The term swing is because of the balance of the body which has a relaxed posture, the Caucasian dances of the time demanded an upright posture that made the firm movement.
According to, see below, 11 of these variations of vintage dances:
1-Charleston: emerged in 20 years in the city of Charleston, South Carolina. The dance is characterized by movements of the arms and quick lateral projections of the feet. Originally it was danced only by the African-American community, after the first world war became a fun in cabarets.
2-Texas Tommy: originated from San Francisco in 20 years, according to some historians the Texas Tommy was the first swing danceusing 8 times with rupture of the “closed position (closed positiondance, where the partners are connected by two arms), which allowed stunts, antics and improvisation.
3-Breakaway: Was a swing dance very popular in 20 years, developed from the Texas Tommy and Charleston dancing afro American communities of Harlem in New York. The pace was danced with jazz, where was often danced in “closed position”. However, the driver could induce your couple in an open position, which originated the name breaking away you may refer to this separation of the couple. In this open position, the dancers would improvise some moves more freely.
4 – Lindy Hop: emerged in 20 years in Harlem, NY, dance is a fusion of Charleston, Breakaway and tap. The name “lindy hop” came from the first solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean in 1927 by CharlesLindbergh. The feat was so successful and repercussion that Lindbergh immediately became a national hero. Due to coincidence withthe emergence of the first crazy dance moves, this was named lindy (Lindbergh) and hop (jump, jump). The Lindy Hop is regarded asone of the most fantastic ways to dance ever created.
5-Balboa: the name was inspired by the Balboa peninsula of Newport Beach in Southern California, and the style emerged in the 30.With the expansion of the Lindy Hop, the dance halls started and be filled with too much making it impossible for expansive steps, kicks and air. Some halls have set up strict rules to prohibit such movements, as a result, Californians created the Balboa. The dance emphasizes a strong connection between partners and a rapid movement of the feet. The posture is upright and always in close position, you never get away from your partner and there are not many turns and variations.
6-Collegiate Shag: Historians argue that Shag was created in the 30 in Atlantic Beach and spread by parents when students returned to their homes after the holidays and started to teach colleagues todance they learned, others believe that the Carolina beaches wereyour place of birth. In 1984, South Carolina officiated Shag as original dance of the State. The dance is characterized by their jumps and footwork with a lot of energy.
7-Jive: is a dance style created in the late 30 and influenced by theswing dances past, is characterized by their heels and had support among some musicians such as Cab Calloway and Glenn Miller. During World War II, the jive has reached the top of your popularity.American soldiers took the dance to Europe.
8-Est Coast Swing: the dance was created by dance studios in the40 based on the Lindy Hop. The studios thought the Lindy hop very unstructured and difficult to teach the new dancer. Dancing partners move around the dance floor in a considerable space, the movements of the two partners are mirrored.
9-Boogie Woogie: originally called Barrelhouse or Barrom Jive is an evolution of the Lindy Hop. During the second world war with the arrival of the Lindy hop dance in Europe quickly developed and changed; However, some researchers believe that your origin beganeven in the US, where the hoppers danced a fast blues called “A lesson in Jive,” the dynamics of this dance would be for the Boogie Woogie.
10-West Coast Swing: was established in California in about 40 years, and is derived from the Lindy Hop. Features the line dancing, elasticity of the movements and the great possibility of improvisation. It is a dance in which the woman has great autonomy. In 1988, the West Coast has been named the official dance of California.
11 – Rock and roll: from the 50, the Boogie Woogie became immensely popular and it originated Rock ‘n’ Roll. This happened from the moment you started dancing in the key of rock musicians such as Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewise Little Richard. Young people danced the rock into two categories: slow and fast. In slow songs, couples danced too close to moving around the track. In music, the influence of dancing the Lindy predominated. The dancers if held by a hand and made a wide variety of quick steps, which included air steps worthy of gymnasts, generating in the years 70 Acrobatic Rock dance category.
Now just choose your favorite dance swing or choose all and fall on the track.