Interior Decorating Ideas for Apartments

Old pallets, discarded machines, bare pipes, fancy lights and a lot of metal with traces that tell their own stories. What sounds here for the remains of an old abandoned factory of nowhere, really are the ingredients for one of the currently hottest home trends for your home! The speech is of course from Industrial Style. We go on the traces of this furnishing style with lots of character and show you how you can easily fetch it in your home.

First of all, we can reassure you: you do not necessarily have in a loft , so in one to the living room repurposed warehouse or factory space, live or even move there to you in the trendy style Industrial Chic set. Because of this style can be perfect in the own four walls imitate.

And it has not even all be kept only in industrial style-thanks to functional design allows furniture and home accessories easy and yet completely authentic in style with many combine different styles-for example, with the cozy country style , the romantic Shabby Chic or the modern style of living! The perfect foundation so to cozy atmosphere Factory to bring into your home.

Factory Schick in our World Today!? The Special Attraction of The Industrial Style

If you look at the furniture, lighting and home accessories of this trend even more closely, so you can already see at first glance: This is an absolutely informal and relaxed style of living with a completely unconventional flairand a lot of nostalgia. He does not try to conceal errors and flaws. On the contrary, he emphasizes it and thus defines its very unique, rustic casual character.
An angular coffee table with striking welds, a lamp with exfoliated paint, a carpet or a sofa with cigarette burns, casual fabrics with cracks and bumps -in a world where everything seems always perfect and to be fast-moving, is the desire for something hand-firm, they have lived with corners, edges and brokering getting bigger. The charm of the industrial style, also known under the name Industrial Chic, industrial-style, Industrial Design or even factory Schick, therefore lies in its imperfection and the inventiveness that makes something Untapped into something functional.

How Did The Industrial Style, the Factory Made a Chic, In Fact?

As the name suggests, is the origin of the factory Schick, in factories and workshops. To be more precise in the factories and workshops of London and New York in the 19th century. In these cities, densely populated and with some incredibly high rents, lived and live many artists, successful and those who want to become successful. But what if utopian Rates left no space for artistic development? It used empty factory building in order from workrooms to mold.

But of course the big buildings were also ideally suited to both the living room to serve. The practically oriented premises were therefore converted and old machines, factory items and utensils and things of everyday urban life simply integrated-innew function, of course.

As artists nunmal but are artists and their creative streak can live almost everywhere, the practical living and working idea quickly became the creative Auslebung connected. The artist developed furniture that fit the device. Gradually was former factory chic. It was the Industrial Chic, today in the form of furniture, lighting equipment and decoration modern interpretation finds its way into our 4 walls.

Factory Schick Extremely-And Not so Unreal

But how authentic the Industrial Style in your 4 walls be? What you just factory-chic and what already too much?Really authentic it is, of course, if raw concrete floors and barren walls with red brick clinker the framework for your black sofa offer and your metal lamps.

Even coarse acting floorboards , undecorated tiles , from different directions coming metal pipes and even seemingly abandoned (color) buckets , old pallets and wooden boxes to ensure optimal Factory charm. But one of the most authentic and characteristic features of the industrial style are…. Machine-old machines that operate as a converted coffee table, dressers, sofas and new life is breathed.

Furniture In Colors And Materials With A Unique Character

Metal is the material par excellence in this particular interior style, even if it is connected to the romantic Shabby Chic, cozy cottage look or even the modern style of living. But untreated wood, glass and fabrics and textiles from linen, cotton or leather are often used in conjunction with the actually very sober, cold metal material to create a cozy atmosphere. For as in so many cases it is also in the industrial style so that the mixture does.

Above all furniture as provide chairs, shelves, cabinets, sofas, dressers, rugs and also lamps within the more rugged and barren wall and floor design for the authentic and homely Factory charm.

However, there are not any furniture-but furniture with life and history, with traces that make them so special and as unique pieces . Can pleasantly fit into your style of living, that they want to be put on a pedestal without rust stains , exfoliated paint, brand, bumps, open seams, rivets, cracks or scratches-is to see the more wear, the more life, the better it is.

These traces can attend a course really ancient furniture are. Nowadays, however, it is also possible without further notice, in amint coffee table, stools, wardrobe, chair , or to decide a lightwhile maintaining exactly the same vintage charm that radiates from a really old piece of furniture.

Because if it is not old, it may look old are. Thus, for example modern lighting solutions as connect LED with luminous designs, during which time such a technique would never have been.

But even if industrial style, the muted colors of vintage furniture as well as the different, cool shades of metal largely define the look, however, is the Industrial Chic no means colorless-if you want to. Because the rust brown, gray, beige, olive, copper, black , or the cool, metallic silver can readily with strong colors such as yellow, green, red, orange or blue are combined. So are fresh accents that make your living room alive, modern and welcoming.

Accessories That May Not Be Missing in Your Industry Style

How extremely authentic you also organize your own industrial style or what style or what trends you see him possibly also combine – a few small accessories can make a big difference to make. Also, if you connect to the industrial design with a very modern and clear style of furnishing, certain jewels the whole as a decoration simply right slightly let tend to Farbrikschick.

A wallpaper brick optics, doors and drawers with advertising signs in retro style, an old leather chair or armchairs, an old school board, an old typewriter, a large neon signs, old fashioned acting road or yard signs made ??of sheet metal, old newspaper rack, lights, fans or has come in the years mirror, an old locker, a ladder, apparently left standing paint bucket or clunky acting pallets, which are converted into a wardrobe-the imagination and their own inventiveness knows no bounds.

As is common in a factory hall, large watches dominate beyond the scenery. Large station wall clocks, unadorned in itself, but quite characteristic, seem wholly to arise like an old warehouse and make your homely living room to a part of your very own small factory.